One year in Qatar!

➳ Serendipity; the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Already one year in Qatar and for the first time I feel like I am at the top. I feel like there is truly nothing that I can’t handle anymore. It was an amazing year full of adventures but not without struggle. Nothing goes without saying and sometimes it felt like I was fighting a never ending battle. I had to work hard to achieve things but it made me so much stronger and I grew in so many ways.

I feel free to go and stand where I want to. I finally got my Qatar driving license, which means I don’t have to rely on Uber anymore. I had to do the theory test and the driving exam all over again which took a lot of time. You also need to be a real pro to drive here in Qatar. The traffic is crazy and there are road constructions everywhere. I remember the first days in Doha, even scared to take a taxi. No I am driving everywhere on my own in my own car. I got lost lots of times, but always found my way back to the Pearl!

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Yaaaayyyyy x 1000000! Finally behind the wheel !

The Pearl. Love it 🙂

When I first came here I tried so hard to find a job in one of the hospitals. It was all over the internet “Dutch nurses wanted in the big hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai”. Why was it so hard in Qatar? It was frustrating. So instead of “relaxing” at home I ended up doing hostess work and it was GREAT! I really had the time of my life! I have met a lot of super nice people and worked at the biggest events in Doha! Sport events, shows, fairs, Royal weddings and even did a fashion show. Of course this would never happen in Holland. But hey, this is Qatar, everything is possible (Inshallah)! So for all of you, who were wondering what I have been doing in the past year: Enjoying myself, having fun and doing things that I like! 😉

Working at a wedding @ Marsa Malaz Kempinski

Working at the Bryan Adams concert, live at the beach of the Grand Hyatt!

Working at Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary! Was amazing!

fashion show! (2)
Fashion Show, which was 7 days. Showing Pronovias. ❤

Working at the Grazia Style Awards! 

This week I started a new chapter. I started my job as a school nurse at an international school. The school counts 3 campuses and at each campus there is one school nurse. I am working at the smallest campus which counts 380 children. I am soooooo superduper excited and I can’t wait for the children to come in at the 10th of September.

Conclusion: After one year we have no regrets at all that we took this step to go to Qatar. I love the place where we live, the life that we live and the people that we have met. We also had the chance to travel a lot. We traveled to Dubai a few times, to beautiful Sri Lanka and Bali. Next on the agenda is Abu Dhabi where we will visit our friends from Qatar and attend the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Of course we do miss our family and friends but we will see you soon! 🙂


Sri Lanka

Sri Lankaaaaaa !

Bali ❤


Keep you posted!


Melanie ♡




6 thoughts on “One year in Qatar!

  1. Achter iedere succesvolle man staat een super sterke vrouw, zo luidt het gezegde. Jullie zijn het bewijs dat dit klopt. Alweer een jaar voorbij en wat een avonturen hebben jullie beleefd. Ongelooflijk trots, jullie doen het fantastisch! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lieve Mel, wat leuk om te lezen wat je zo het afgelopen jaar hebt meegemaakt en hoe je je draai in Qatar hebt gevonden. Wat een mazzel, dat je als hostess op zoveel leuke events terecht bent gekomen!
    En fijn, dat het gelukt is om een leuke baan op de Int. school te vinden.
    Veel plezier daar…..


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