Festive Season! ✰

➳ Reminisce; To think, talk or write about enjoyable experiences in your past. 

Let’s start to say: Happy New Year! Wish you all the best and may 2017 be a very good year to you all! For me one of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more often, because my last blog is already from two months ago. (Sorry, hihi) Furthermore, I am going into this new year with lots of positivity! 2016 Was an amazing year full of adventures! To many more to come!

In Qatar they don’t celebrate Christmas or New Years Eve at all. No, they celebrate ‘National Day’, also known as Founder’s Day. It is a national holiday on the 18th of December, almost everybody has a day off and celebrates the rise of Sheikh Jassem as the father and founder of the State of Qatar. It’s a veeeeery big thing here. Months of preparation, flags and flowers everywhere, a big national parade, lots of celebrations and a big firework show. We were very excited for this day to come but unfortunately they cancelled National Day festivities in solidarity with the people of Syria’s war-ravaged Aleppo. Understandable!

However, Christmas is always my favorite time of the year! Decorating the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold outside, those lovely little Christmas lights in front of the windows, spending time with the family and last but not least: Mariah Carey through the speakers everywhere you go. But not here in Doha.. No, this years Christmas was a little different! To stay a bit into the Christmas spirit we decided to do a Christmas Brunch. Many hotels were offering Christmas brunches, dinners etc. so we had a lot of choice. We went to my favorite restaurant: The Spice Market at the W Hotel! It was a perfect day with lots of fun, sushi and champagne.♥

The best food!

Having our own little Christmas party here!

And of course, a picture with a ‘Christmas tree’.

The second day our family arrived in Doha! YAAAY!!! It was so nice to have them around and to show them our life here in Doha! We did a lot of fun things during their stay. We went to the Souq, the beach and we did an amazing desert safari, definitely a MUST if you visit the Middle East! We’ve seen Djokovic at Qatar Exxonmobil Open, had a sleepover with my little nephew and celebrated New Years Eve together!

Our little nephew Liam stayed with us for one night at The Pearl. The next morning we woke up early of course and went for breakfast! =)

Below some pictures of that awesome desert tour we did! It was a beautiful day and it was such a cool experience!

Say Cheese ! 

Before the desert tour we did a little camel ride! 

20170116_231910_369Dune Bashing! (Means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes.)

The Saudi Arabia Border ! 

No, we did not go up here.. We got down BACKWARDS!! You can imagine how my sister in law and I were sitting in the back of the car with my little nephew...

A break at Sealine Beach where we had a lovely lunch!

And finally, New Years Eve! Which we celebrated together at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski Hotel! We went to this very nice Latin American restaurant called ‘Toro Toro’ ! The food was delicious and so was the wine! Unfortunately no fireworks at 12 o’clock, but it was a great night with the family! ✿

Kempinski Marsa Malaz. One of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. The hotel is just across the street. It’s a 5 minute walk.

Dinner @ Toro Toro!

Well, time has flown by. And I can’t wait until February when more friends and family are coming to Doha!


Keep you posted!


Melanie ♡

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