Birthday in Dubai!

➳ Ebullience; Bubbly, loud and enthusiastic; the quality of being cheerful and full of energy.

It was Wednesday evening, I was cooking dinner when Lars came home and popped a bottle of Cava. “Hey my birthday is tomorrow! And also the weekend hasn’t started yet. So what do we have to celebrate!?” I asked him. He told me that my VISA was approved and that I will get it next week! YAAAY! That is certainly good news! FYI, this is a big thing! It makes me an official resident of Qatar, allows me to start working (Finally), open bank accounts, etc. etc.

(As I’m writing this blog, I already received my Qatar ID! After having done a medical check and lots of paper work. Double YAAAY!!)

Well, back to that Wednesday evening, we had a nice dinner outside and suddenly Lars asked me if I already packed my suitcase. “What? Why? For what? The trip to Holland is a few weeks away, so why pack my suitcase now?” I said a little confused. Then Lars told me we were going away for the weekend to celebrate my Birthday! The next morning we were on the airplane to the city where it all happens; Dubai!

I was SO excited!! Lars already planned the first day and he was very mysterious about it, what made me even more curious. (You know me :P) But first we dropped our luggage at the most amazing apartment in Dubai Marina at the 46th floor. Look at this view………

After that we went to The Dubai Mall, the largest luxury shopping mall in the world. Well, just as I thought it couldn’t get any crazier with the shopping malls over here, I was wrong. Apparently, this mall had an enormous aquarium in the middle. And it had sharks in it too. YES SHARKS in a mall!


Off course we have seen the Burj Khalifa, from the outside and from the top (800m)! Definitely the coolest building I’ve seen in my life!



At night we had a great birthday dinner at Karma Kafe (which overlooks the Dubai fountains) and some wine to deal with this long day full of amazing impressions… #Winetime #Sushi


Second day; BEACHDAY! And where other than next to the Burj Al Arab @ Jumeirah Beach!

At night we went to Madinat Jumeirah! This complex is build in traditional Arab style, has a souk, luxurious resorts, canals with water taxi s, and several restaurants & cafes. We had the best Thai dinner in a restaurants which could only be reached by a water taxi!


The Last day we went to the famous Marina Walk. It’s a boulevard in Dubai Marina located along the Jumeirah Beach Residences. The terraces are a prime location if you want to see and be seen! After that it was time to go home! What an amazing surprise and what a lucky girl I am! Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming….


Keep you posted!


Melanie ♡


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