Home Sweet Home !

➳ Wanderlust; A deep desire to hit the road and travel, explore and enjoy the world.

So it took a while, but here I am again! A lot has happened in a few weeks! For the impatient ones or the ones not feeling to read all of my blabla, herewith the short version;

– Eid (Festival of the Sacrifice a.k.a lot of firework at Katara!)
– Shopping malls; Big, bigger, BIGGEST!
– First party in Doha and….
– First hangover in Doha!
– POPCORN TIME at the cinema! (Of course the movie was also very nice!)
– Our stuff arriving at the Pearl.
– Lars in the Netherlands, me at our new home!

Ok, I’ll just start at the beginning. In my previous blog, I already told you about Eid. It was nice because since it is a holiday, Lars had a few days off, which gave us some time to explore Doha together…. ❤ Well, that’s what I thought. Apparently, Lars had some other plans. So those days we’ve been busy buying stuff for our new home. We have been to IKEA three times & went to a few home centers. At least, we have ended those productive days with an amazing firework show at Katara Culture Village. The fireworks were in line with the local philosophy – the bigger the better!

So when this short holiday was over and Lars went to work again, I told the cab driver to take me to one of the biggest shopping malls in Doha. After buying all this housing stuff, I felt like treating myself on a new outfit. The cabby took me to ‘Villaggio Mall’. The first impression when I entered the mall: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Is this a indoor swimming pool or a shopping mall? Seriously, the last days I have seen a lot of shopping malls. One mall even bigger than the other. But this place is another level of luxury! It’s build in Venetian style and it has a long indoor canal with GONDOLAS?! Well, I definitely had some fun hours inside here! Just take a look yourself….

When Lars went home after work, we thought it was time for some drinks because it was weekend and also ‘happy hour’. (Yes, after all we’re still Dutchies hihi) The last couples of days we were not be able to drink (because of ‘Eid’), and now it was time for “some” wine! Half an hour later, we were sipping from our first drink  in Doha, at a bar on the 55th floor with this beautiful view over West Bay! We found out that there was a party starting at 9 o’clock, called ‘Hedkandi’, we decided to stay. And so it began, our very first night out in Doha. A night of drinks, dance moves and meeting new people! It is pretty easy to connect with people since we are all in the same boat! Everybody is so nice. We had a really fun night! And also felt it the next morning; a terrible hangover! We where in bed for the whole day, but it was definitely worth it.


The rest of the weekend we did some fun things! We did a 20 minute boat trip on an authentic wooden boat, which played very loud Indian music. (Imagine an old school disco boat.) On the boat there were a lot of Indian people who started to dance once at sea! Very funny to see! The view we had on this trip, was absolutely amazing!
That night we went to the cinema! Every shopping mall has his own cinema. So there are A LOT of cinemas in Doha! The movie was nice, it was in English and there were no subtitles, a good exercise! The most important thing; I had my popcorn ❤ ❤

Skyline @ Boat trip

And finally after the weekend our stuff arrived at the Pearl! Bye bye hotel, hello new home! It was my job to put everything in its place and to unpack all those boxes. I was very happy with the result and so was Lars 🙂  But Lars had only enjoyed it for one day because he had to go back to the Netherlands for a few days. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the place and feel safe. (Since there is security everywhere!!) But (Yes, here comes the ‘but’) for the first time I felt a little bit alone in this big apartment all by myself. Not yet having internet & TV didn’t make it any easier. It was quiet. Thereby my phone was also out of data!! Niceeeee, not! After a day moping around, I had to get outside. Just like how I started this trip, by exploring! Morning swims at our own pool, drinking tea and smoothies at this cute cafe nearby, evening walks over the Pearl and exploring the neighborhood! I was really enjoying myself and it felt more like home every day! And then my boykie came back 🙂

A little Sneak Peak:

Living room


Just a little lounge spot at our balcony 🙂
Qanat Quartier, 5 minute walk from our apartment !

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Yet I have so much more to tell you, but I think this is enough for now!

Keep you posted!


Melanie ♡

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home !

  1. Super mooi verhaal weer nichtje. De winkels zijn natuurlijk best belangrijk en die gore popcorn ook haha! Het komt helemaal goed met jullie daar! Dikke kus van je tante xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fijn dat jullie eindelijk zijn voorzien van tv en internet. Heerlijk om te zien dat het goed gaat met jullie. Je hebt schrijf talent hoor Mel! Super trots op jullie 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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