First Few days in Doha!

➳ Dépaysement; The disorientation felt in a foreign culture, the sense of being a fish out of water.

After two days of spending my time at the hotel arranging some things, I thought it was time for some action. No offense the hotel is great; It has twelve different restaurants, bars & lounge areas, a swimming pool, a gym etc. But I felt a little trapped since the hotel is not in the city center, you can’t walk around and there is also nothing to see near. Only traffic and buildings under construction. Beyond that, traffic is crazy and very busy! They are working on a metro system.( It’s the most prominent and visible project here and the lines are expected to be open to the public by 2020!) Well, that’s a pity because I prefer taking the metro instead of a cab. I got this thing with cabbies in a foreign country. Don’t know what it is, think it’s got something to do with ‘not feeling comfy’. But neither did I at the hotel, sitting there with me, myself and I.

The past few days I also found out that I need a nursing license. I have to register by the ‘Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners’. In the Netherlands also called as ‘BIG-register’. That’s not a problem, but first I need my Visa (I still  have a ‘visit visa’) and then I will be able to register for the license. So it’s gonna take some time and I think in the meantime I have to look for another job. But that’s fine, love to meet new people 🙂

Anyway, I could’t wait until the weekend to do some sightseeing together with Lars. I needed to go out and I really wanted to explore Doha. So I decided to take a cab and do the first thing that was on my list; The Museum of Islamic Art! Which is located on the Corniche (a waterfront promenade extending for several kilometers along Doha Bay)
And there it was: the adrenaline… ☆ Only the architecture of the building itself is already worthwhile!! Not to mention the beautiful interior…WAUWIEEE

I had a few great hours inside. The collection of Islamic art is beautiful. They also have collections from Syria, Egypt, Iran, India and Turkey. And there was a special temporary exhibition of Muhammad Ali. The building is surrounded by a park with very nice views. But outside is was HOT!!  ☼ 42 º. After 20 minutes I was all sweaty, took a selfie (You know me ;P) and went inside for a cold coke! (Btw, did I tell you they’re not selling wine these couple of days?! Or any other alcoholic drinks. It is because of ‘Eid Al Adha’ also called the ‘Sacrifice Feast’. It’s a Islamic Religious celebration from September 11th – 15th.)

And guess what, taking the cab this time was not a bad experience at all. Buba drove me, a very friendly man from India who already lived here for 24 years. He was very chatty and he gave me his card. (Yeahhh I know, off course he did, there are a lot of cabs and competition is high) But hey, I enjoyed the ride and I felt comfy (New Friends: +1) hihi ;).
So, this was a nice start of my to do list. Already looking forward to do the rest!


Melanie ♡

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